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In the summer of 2017, I was hired as a chef at Dover Hall, a high-end event venue commonly referred to as The Castle of Goochland County. I served as a sous chef under executive chef Lee Hendrickson, searing foie gras and cracking open lobsters for wine dinners, weddings, and even the crew from The Bachelorette.

Fun facts about my stint as a sous chef: 

  1. I can sear off 40 lamb shanks in 5 minutes. When time is tight, flat tops are your friend.

  2. Served the film crew of The Bachelorette when they came through Virginia for the 2018 season. While I didn't make my TV debut, a cheese plate I made did, and that's basically the same thing.

  3. I once served 180-person wedding a 3-course, plated meal as the executive chef. On the day, I worked from 6am to midnight. Needless to say my definition of what constitutes a "long day" is skewed. 

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