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The Ask: 

Help launch an emerging adaptogenic coffee brand.


Coffee brands are a dime a dozen, so how is a new coffee brand to stand out in a crowd? With adaptogens of course! WORK Coffee is a new take on our favorite caffeinated beverage that incorporates adaptogens, organic compounds that encourage a healthy stress response from our adrenal system.


Today stress underpins virtually every job there is, and nowhere is this more apparent than the world of startup companies. Our team identified similarities between the WORK brand and that of cowering spaces like WeWork, and we set off to brand the new coffee product as the partner and backer of the overworked worker. 

THE Executions: 

1. We needed packaging that would help WORK Coffee command attention and jump out to shoppers and workers alike. Because WORK Coffee's adaptogenic formula is different, we made our packaging as different from category conventions as possible, topping it all off with innovation-inspired names for their flavor varieties.

2. Because we targeted both b2b and b2c sales, we created both bulk and household packaging styles.

3. As a new brand, WORK Coffee needed a strong voice to communicate a friendly but driven brand. Thanks to copywriting extraordinaire Danielle Ciccolo, we were able to bring our ideas to life on the back of each and every package.

What Did Lou Do? 

1. Package design and product mockups

2. Consumer research and strategy development

3. Presentation design

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