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The Ask: 

Create and introduce a fragrance concept that fits in the COTY brand portfolio. 

The Idea: 

Fragrance consumers can be divided into two categories: the traditional department store shopper and the scent explorer. Unlike the traditional shopper, the scent explorer is uninterested in big box brands and is swayed more by quality and craft fragrances. To bring this new consumer into the COTY fold, we wanted to introduce a new line of fragrances that would entice and delight the scent explorer. 

The Product: 

The new line of fragrances,  O. Lab (short for Olfactory Lab), is a direct to consumer product that uses an interactive scent discovery kit to find you your new signature fragrance. 

How It Works: 

1. Our scent explorer visits O. Lab's website and requests our scent discovery kit. The kit is a selection of 5 scent samples, each containing a pure scent variety from which all perfumes are built from. 

2. When their kit arrives, our explorer samples each individually, and ranks them all online in order of preference. 

3. From their selection, O.Lab uses a top-two box analysis in order to recommend to the consumer a signature scent based on their personal sensibilities. 

Why is this a good idea?: 

COTY currently relies on major fashion brands to legitimize their fragrances. Brands like Burberry, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander McQueen will always have their own cult followings, but because the consumers of these products are brand loyal, introducing new products under any one of their fashion brands would only serve to cannibalize their current lines. By introducing a new concept and going after an emerging market, COTY can diversify their portfolio and attract a new type of consumer. 

What Did Lou Do? 

1. Consumer research and identification of market opportunity

2. Package design and product mockups 

3. Company research and competitive analysis

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