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Corporate Espionage

Anything you do for three years should have a sexy title, right? 

In reality, this moniker for my career as a business development professional at the largest privately-owned business consultancy in the world comes from the fact that, despite my incredible nutshelling abilities, no one really knows what I do for a living. So, in conversation, it's easier to be vague and just let everyone assume I'm a spy. Spicing it up with a little mystery. Intrigue. Gravitas. 

This position actually didn't exist until I interned under the Director of Global Business Development at Prophet for the summer of 2019, and I have been an agile accomplice to the keeper of all things BD ever since. While projects alone cannot encompass the wide array of activities and responsibilities I've performed, they're the quickest way to communicate what I did, what I can do, and what I'm capable of. 

While I'm not really "stealing" secrets, I have taken knowledge that can't be taught in school from the most incredibly intelligent, talented group of consultants I've ever met. There is no class you can take, no major you can master, that will teach you how to manage a pipeline, design relationship development best practices, track lead generation metrics, or design pertinent data dashboards for your place of employment. These skills have been, and have to be, learned on the job.

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